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Hey There!!!

We are Andrea & Angelina, the best of friends and the lucky photographers of Sentiero! We met about 8 years ago through various positions we held in the corporate world, and quickly realized we had so much in common beyond our jobs - like our taste in music and microbrews, needing a bit more cream in our coffee than the average person, caring about animals and their welfare, and having fun no matter what the situation brings. 

Over the years we have seen dozens of concerts together, travelled on many epic road trips and adventures, supported each other through some of life's unexpected challenges, and celebrated together as we each took a huge risk and pursued our passion of photography. We love people, and we are both interested in capturing and documenting real emotions and meaningful moments. We love the interplay of relationships and how our photographs tell a story that lasts through the ages. It's a true honor to be part of something so special, and it's even better that we can be on this path together. 


We specialize in weddings and portrait work. Our aesthetic is naturalorganicartistic, and unexpected.